Circor Seal Solenoid Valves

For more than 75 years Atkomatic has been serving the fluid controls industry, manufacturing heavy-duty industrial solenoid valves. Atkomatic solenoid valves handle the “open & close” control of gases, water, oil, steam and other clean media. Likewise, they can withstand the rigors of more demanding applications including cryogenic fluids, high pressure or super-heated steam, corrosive chemicals and more.





Because of Atkomatic’s excellent reliability and durability, you will find 6000 Series Solenoid Valves in the hydraulic-stabilizing system on the “Crawler” that transports the Space Shuttle to the launching pad at Kennedy Space Center. 35000 Series valves can be found as the emergency shut-off valves on co-generation turbine systems to assist in preventing “overspeed.” 5000 Series valves are used by stunt professionals in Hollywood, using high-pressure air to flip cars and simulate explosions in water. 4000 Series solenoid valves are employed in boiler and steam systems in schools, municipal buildings, commercial and industrial facilities throughout the world.




• Zero Leakage

• Bi-directional flow

• Versatile : 3-way 2-position, 2-way normally closed, or 2-way normally open

• Balanced poppet design

• 303 stainless steel, brass or aluminum construction

• Minimum current required

• Rapid response

• Explosion-proof per MIL-STD-810B

• High pressure

• Direct acting

• Medium flow capacity




Technical Data

BODY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 303 stainless steel, brass or aluminum

SEAT MATERIALS Nylatron®, polyimide (Vespel®), or PCTFE

PRESSURE RATINGS SV10, SV30 & SV430: vacuum to 3000 psig (0 to 207 bar) SV20 & SV460: vacuum to 6000 psig (0 to 414 bar)


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