Bolted Bonnet Gate

Features & Benefits:
  • Body is cast with straight through ports to minimize turbulence, erosion and pressure drop are minimized
  • Seat rings are seal welded to eliminate leak path behind rings and for long trouble-free service
  • Our one piece flexible disc provides accurate alignment of mating seating surfaces so the valve can absorb piping strains without leakage and avoids any tendency to stick in the seated position
  • Packing contains corrosion inhibitor to avoid stem pitting
  • Stuffing box is deep, assuring long packing life
  • Gland Eyebolts swing aside for ease in repacking the stuffing box
  • API 624 available

Bolted Bonnet Globe

Features & Benefits:
  • Body is designed with heavy sections reinforced at points subjected to the greatest stress
  • Seat ring welded in to eliminate leak path in cast steel design
  • Disc stem ring connects the disc to the stem, permitting the disc to swivel and aid in securing tight seating for trouble-free service
  • Gland eyebolts are securely fastened to the bonnet yet swing away to permit easy access to the stuffing box
  • API 623 available

Pressure Seal Check

Features & Benefits:
  • The tilting disc check valve uses gravity to rapidly close the disc upon flow reversal (Non-Slam)
  • Valve design fully opens or closes through an arc of only 45 degrees, (unlike most other tilting disc check valves which must swing through a 90 degree arc)
  • Conical seating is self aligning, tight, and always closed in a no-flow situation
  • Hard-faced seating surfaces, large diameter hinge pins, and corrosion resistant bearing surfaces ensure long life, and an internal disc stop prevents flutter
  • The internal disc hanger provides adjustable alignment and eliminates body wall penetrations

Bolted Bonnet Swing Check

Features & Benefits:
  • Used to prevent reversal of flow in horizontal pipe lines
  • There is no tendency for the seating surfaces to gall or score, because the disc meets the flat seat squarely without rubbing contact upon closing
  • Can be furnished with outside lever and adjustable weight in certain sizes, to assist in closing the valve more rapidly, thus minimizing reversal of flow and resultant surge and shock
  • With the lever and weight mounted to balance the weight of the disc, the valve becomes more sensitive to low flow velocities
  • The internal disc hanger provides adjustable alignment and eliminates body wall penetrations