Lined Ball, Butterfly, and Plug Valves

Features & Benefits:
  • XOMOX lined ball, butterfly and check valves offer unparalleled corrosion resistance to virtually all chemicals at temperatures up to 400°F
  • The XLD, XOMOX Lined Butterfly valve is the space saving, robust solution to highly corrosive applications
  • The XLB, XOMOX Lined Ball valve with its patented SX seal provides excellent fugitive emissions protection in a full port low torque package
  • The XOMOX lined plug valve contributes a tight in-line seal with a class 300 option

Lined Check Vales and Accessories

Features & Benefits:
  • Protect equipment meet process needs with the full range of XOMOX lined check valves and accessories
  • XOMOX offers the XLC, the first lined ball check valve with a Class A leak rate in addition to lined Y-ball and wafer swing check valves
  • The portfolio of XOMOX lined accessories includes basket strainers, filters,sight flow indicators, and sample valves