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NOV Casing Running Tools

The CRT simultaneously hoists and lowers casing, spins-in and makes up the casing connection. It enables the driller to rotate, reciprocate, and circulate the casing string.


NOV TDS11-SA Top Drive

The TDS-11SA is the most prolific top drive in the world today. Since its inception into the drilling industry, its superb performance has driven demand to make it the most recognizable and popular top drive on the market.

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NOV TDS11-HD Top Drive

The TDS-11HD increases power and torque by up to 45 percent compared to standard top drive models, enabling drilling in longer laterals and deeper wells.


NOV Brandt

NOV Brandt is the leading provider of solids control and waste management products and services to the drilling industry. It also maintains one of the largest rental fleets in the world.