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Floway® Firepump

For over 80 years Floway has been producing vertical turbine pumps for customers throughout the world. During this time our vertical turbine fire pumps have become known for maximum reliability and proven performance.

Floway fire pumps are Listed, Approved, or Certified by the following standards or approving authorities to meet or exceed NFPA-20:

  • Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (UL) (C-UL)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • ASL (Singapore)

Our fire pumps are designed to provide the best fire protection possible. If a fire occurs, a reliable fire protection system is often the difference between minor inconveniences and major expenses due to property damage, destroyed records, and plant or factory downtime.

Floway® VHP API 610

Floway® VHP API 610 current edition compliant vertical close coupled, single or multistage turbine pump, with fabricated discharge head, top mounted motor and wet pit (VS1) or closed suction (VS6). Higher pressures with premium efficiencies and low operating costs. Available low NPSH impeller allows for a reduced barrel length. Pump bowl assembly is characterized as low energy per stage resulting in a broad flow range with excellent hydraulic stability. “O” ring joints throughout pump eliminates leaking for higher pressure applications. Throttle bearing provides shaft support and allows for higher operating pressures.